Being single, I’m finding, is a hell of a thing.

But I guess I don’t mean that just simply in the romantic sense.  More so in regards to what being single means for my life as a whole.

I find that in the newness of the single life, I, more often then I would really ever like to admit, preoccupy myself with thoughts and longings for things that I may never truly realize, the biggest of which is the thought of another time where I might love again. I spend my time waiting for the next pair of eyes that I’ll see heaven in, as if it is only a matter of time.

Being in love with someone will change your life forever, or at least what seems like it, and with that thought in mind, it’s kind of scary to think that when, for whatever reason, it leaves, you realistically may never find it again.

Life is an endless sea of people.  It really is quite beautiful in it’s vastness, but its frightening for the very same reason. Ultimately, I just want to end up with someone who isn’t afraid to be who they are.  The catch is, though, I won’t be able to do that unless I do the same for myself.

Like-minded people respond in like-minded ways. So the only way I’m ever going find someone right for me, is if I let myself be who I am.

Funny how the simplest concepts in life are frequently the hardest to execute.

But for those of you who have found this message to make sense, I can only say: Fear is nothing more than exactly what it is. It is important not to let it keep you from what your instincts tell you is the truth.