The funny thing about inspiration is that it always seems to pop up completely unexpectedly.

This is a thought that I suppose could be extrapolated to most other good things that occur in life.

So I guess it would be more appropriate to say that most things worth paying attention to in life pop up unexpectedly. But, the thing that I’ve noticed about inspiration in particular is that sometimes I’ll become inspired without even realizing it.

Take music, for example. There are some days where I’ll get this unsatiable thirst for a particular song, or even just for a fragment of a song or for a rhythm.  It’ll stick to me like an itch that I cant scratch for the whole day, even after I’ve listened to it 15 or 20 times.  Now to me this just appears like another circumstance of my apparent OCD. But it’s always in those moments of creation that I realize how endlessly valuable those moments of obsession have been.

The big question to ask though, is whether or not those obsessive moments influenced my creativity in and of themselves, or if they were actually showing me the missing piece that I had been subconsciously waiting for.

Maybe its neither.  Maybe its both.

Maybe its best not to even speculate over it.

But all I know is that this is been a big week for inspiration, and its come to me in a variety of ways.

Now as some of you may or may not know, I’ve recently become heavily invested in a musical project of sorts.  I’m trying to keep the finer details of it under wraps until things are a little further along, but I guess my point in mentioning it is that having a vehicle for both my music expression and that of like-minded musical peers has cause me to have a booty load of epiphanies about creativity and the processes therein.

I suppose as the weeks and months go by, I’ll be using this blog as a method of chronicling all the things that I’m learning along the way.  But one thing in particular that has been getting me recently is the beauty of having a variety of perspectives to work with in a group.  In many ways, It seems like its a lot easier to direct people in order to do what you think sounds right or how you think a song should go. But, being the assumed leader of a music group has turned me on to the idea that trying to bolster cohesion and freedom of interpretation from all of the members of the group rather than trying to “lead it” makes for some really amazing results. A least in the case of like minded people haha.

But anyway. Enough about that. I also wanted to share what I’ve been listening to lately with you.

Check it out.  You might dig it.

M.I.A – Get Around

This track is off of M.I.A’s Vicky Leekxx mixtape (Which you should go check out, if you haven’t yet).  I just really love the production on this tune. The beat is fire.

Mueve la Cintura Mulata

I’m not really sure who made this song, as I got it off a Putomayo CD (Afro-Latin Party).  But if you know anything about me (or if you’ve ever been to a party at my apartment), then you would know I’m absolutely in love with Afro-Latin music.  I think the groove in this tune is supa fly.

Childish Gambino – I Be On That

I actually heard this in my friend James’ car over winter break.  (Shout out to James Abbott! Ooop ooop!). But I was absolutely blown away by his lyrical ability.  This is actually Donald Glover ( The dude from Community, if you’ve ever seen it). Plus the beat is slammin’.  Childish Gambino > Lil Wayne, for sure.

Amy Winehouse – Some Unholy War

I wholeheartedly feel like this is Amy’s best tune. That groove is untouchable. Its  got this smolder and ache that I think is so sensual and smooth and  it creates such a raw, bluesy, soulful atmosphere that I cant help but be entranced by. I just wish it was longer lol.  I usually play this song at least 3 times in a row when i listen to it.  Viva Winehouse!

There are actually two versions of this song.  I like the first one better,  but they’re both awesome. The copyright protection makes it so that you can’t directly embed the videos on here. But when click play, just follow the prompt to watch it on youtube.